Good Posture Is Good For You

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Good Posture Is Good For You

PROMETHEUS was the Titan god who shaped man out of clay, and Athena breathed life into his clay figure

PROMETHEUS then gave man the gifts of upright posture and fire

So that’s why we’re called PROMETHEUS!


Akin to the Greek mythology story, the Prometheus software solution has been designed to encourage the improvement and maintenance of the health and well-being of users who engage with modern technology, be it in their working or social environments. The software provides a set of tools that when used, can positively benefit our mental and physical health and well-being. When we are healthier we are typically more engaged with our tasks and workplace engagement, which when appropriately directed through key performance indicators or goals, can lead to an increase in our productivity and our job satisfaction.


Why is good Posture Important?

Great posture can literally change who you are!  Not only does great posture help to stop you from getting back and neck pain, it can also improve your mood, stress levels, confidence, your digestion, breathing and even your productivity and appearance. In further posts we we look at the influence of poor posture on back and neck pain and injury; the effect on Mood, Memory, Stress, Confidence and Appearance and in the final post we will look at poor posture’s effect on Breathing, Digestion and Productivity.

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So That’s why we developed PROMETHEUS!


Designed by leading Physical Therapists, PROMETHEUS  is a software solution that utilises real time posture analytics via your webcam to improve your health, happiness and wellbeing – preventing pain and injury, to help optimise overall health. PROMETHEUS will also prompt you to take regular breaks from sitting or standing and alert you if you slip into poor posture habits for too long or if your blink-rate slips below optimal. PROMETHEUS produces customized reports to help you keep track of your progress. PROMETHEUS works to make you healthier while you work and play!



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